Managed Wireless & Computing

Managed Wireless & Computing

Reach out to Hyperlife for your Computing and Wireless.

20Years’ Experience in IT

Wireless Solutions for Home and Business

Hyperlife has prooven record in on Computing and WiFi Technologies such as product Grandstream, Ubiquity, Meraki, etc.

Every customer and every setup is different so we pay attention to detail. We work with on-site surveys for WiFi coverage and professional tools to make sure that our WiFi solutions cover all needs.
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Managed Wireless & Computing

If your business is large or small you will still require some core hardware. That will be some servers, router, firewall, switch, WiFi, and PCs. At Hyperlife, we can offer solutions and services to get all those together and make them work in a nice secure way. We can provide the hardware, the setup, the connectivity via wired and wireless and then offer our management.

Hyperlife Managed Computing and Wireless solutions guarantee that all aspects of computing among users will always work smoothly. We take care all about your wireless network, local network, and all connectivity among users and pcs. we will make sure that your wireless network are always updated and secure, all hardware is proper and all security is proper.