Communication Solutions

Communication Solutions

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20Years’ Experience in IT

We have hundred’s of mailboxes running

HyperLife specializes in technological and IT-related services such as product engineering, warranty management, building cloud, infrastructure, network, etc.

We put a strong focus on the needs of your business to figure out solutions that best fits your demand, while assisting you with building customer trust.

Managed Microsoft Exchange (Hosted) or Office 365 (Cloud)

We do utilize all about Microsoft Technologies. We have hosted exchange offers on the 2016 and 2019 exchange server and also a wide range of managed solutions on office 365 offerings. All solutions have our own management and twist where we ensure the best and optimum result using these services.

Microsoft’s technologies are widely used in corporate environments for communication and collaboration, but with Office 365 they are bringing all features and applications to the cloud, which makes them accessible anywhere you go. Hybrid solutions are also available.


G Suite (Cloud) – Google Apps for Work

Google is another major player in our offering when comes to email and collaboration. We have hundreds of active accounts for our customers who want to be more mobile and work from the browser on any device fast.  G Suite is a perfect choice if you prefer using the cloud to always stay online and reduce the need for costly hardware equipment but still use enterprise hardware and security. Google Apps are also widely integrated with other cloud apps for better productivity online.

Manage mobile devices, email addresses, security settings, and more from the Google Admin console. Keep all your company data safe, centralized, and protected from disruptions such as missing hardware or employee turnover. Your business, your rules.

Hyperlife Premium Email

Do you need to lower your per seat and per mailbox cost? Then we can get you on our premium email service, a separate dedicated email solution with mailboxes on the 25GB, antispam and web mail capabilities, and lower cost than Google and Microsoft.

Increase Your Productivity!

  • No more email servers to manage or troubleshoot.
  • Access your email from anywhere through mobile, webmail, and mail clients, allowing them to be even more productive.

Lower Your Costs!

  • No more maintenance – toss out that old email server in the back closet!
  • No more licensing fees for anti-virus and spam software!
  • No need to spend up to hundreds of dollars to manually secure and backup your communications!

IP PBX Solutions

When comes to collaboration and communication telephony is an essential part. We do have a solution that engages users toa more live and interactive process.

A powerful yet easy to manage voice, video, data, and mobility communications platform has never been more achievable than when anchored with Grandstream’s series of UCM IP PBXs that is our preferredsolutions. The UCM series of IP PBXs offer an extensive set of unified communication features in an easy-to-manage on-premise solution with no licensing fees, upgrade fees, or costs per feature. Our UCMs range from small and medium business deployments to small and medium enterprise solutions.

Chat solutions!

LiveChat is an online chat solution that helps you connect with your customers on your website. When using LiveChat, you can see in real time the way visitors behave and approach them on each step of the buying process. This allows you to easily provide instant help and, in result, increase your conversion rates.

LiveChat comes with a ticketing system built into the applications. The ticketing system allows you to receive customer queries when you are offline. By creating tickets from your chats, you can stay in touch with customers and deal with any incoming problems.