Advertise your site on Search Engines

Let us promote your site on the web! Our web site promotion plan involves advertising your site on the world’s most popular search engines, such as Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and on other websites. We do this via pay-per-click advertising programs, such as Google AdWords Pay-per-click has a reputation of being the most reliable and sensible web promotion method, since you only pay when people actually visit your site.

In scope of promoting and optimization of our web-pages, we implement SEO (search engine optimization) strategic . The SEO is a process thatincludes the necessary” measures” to be made on your website to climb to the first results of the search engines ie Google, Bing, whensomeone searches names, services or products similar or identical to yours. If this climbing results achieved automatically the number of visitors to your website has increased, which in turn mean increased sales. In developed countries SEO  has already evolved into an industry of billion dollars and is a must for those who are watching the evolution of technology and want to establish themselves professionally through internet. Two SEO Tools (XML sitemap, Meta tags)

Social Media

Your website is your online center of operations, but if you use social media as part of your advertising, market positioning and promotional efforts, your presence is scattered across the web. While establishing a business presence in popular social venues like Facebook and Twitter may be crucial to your online community building initiatives, maintaining that presence can test your endurance and ability to maximize the impact of your efforts. Fortunately, several tools and techniques are available to help you meet these challenges.